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Date Title & Passage Speaker Length
 Dec 29th "A Provident God"
Matt 2:13-23
Beth Lebsock  15:16  
 Christmas Eve "The Perfect Gift"
Luke 2:1-20
Victoria Isaacs  15:25  
 Dec 22nd "Loving People: Dreams Come True"
Matt 1:18-25
Victoria Isaacs  19:11  
 Dec 21st "Longest Night Homily"
Matt 5:1-10
Victoria Isaacs  37:20  
 Dec 15th "A Newly Fashioned Christmas Pageant"
Gateway Youth & Congregation  26:36  
 Dec 8th "Peaceful People: Restoring Relationships"
Matt 3:1-12
Victoria Isaacs  21:38  
 Dec 1st "Hopeful People: Troublemakers in the World"
Romans 13:11-14
Victoria Isaacs  18:01  
 Nov 24th "Christ Our King"
Col 1:9-20
Beth Lebsock  15:10  
 Nov 17th "Opportunities to Testify"
Luke 21:5-19
Victoria Isaacs  16:42  
 Nov 10th "Taxes, Tithes, and Twizzlers"
Luke 20:20-26
Victoria Isaacs  14:49  
 Nov 3rd "For All The Saints"
Luke 19:1-10
Victoria Isaacs  13:45  
 Oct 27th "The Outrageous Welcome of God"
Luke 18:9-14
Victoria Isaacs  15:26  
 Oct 20th "The Tablet of Your Heart"
Matt 6:19-21
Victoria Isaacs  19:06  
 Oct 13th "Turning Around with Gratitude"
Luke 17:11-19
Victoria Isaacs  21:34  
 Oct 6th "The Kingdom of God is Rising"
Luke 13:18-21
Victoria Isaacs  13:22  
 Sep 29th "Mind the Gap"
Luke 16:19-31
Victoria Isaacs  20:35  
 Sep 22nd "The Virtue of Sneakiness"
Luke 16:1-13
Collin Downing  22:18  
 Sep 15th "Sheep and Coins and You and Me"
Luke 8:4-8
Robert Ward  20:18  
 Sep 8th "Radical Divestment"
Luke 14:25-33
Victoria Isaacs  18:54  
 Sep 1st "Get Your Elbows Off the Table"
Luke 14:1,7-14
Victoria Isaacs  14:36  
 Aug 25th "Won't You Be My Neighbor?"
Romans 13:8-10
Victoria Isaacs  21:21  
 Aug 18th "Who Is My Neighbor"
Luke 10:25-37
Collin Downing  22:20  
 Aug 11th "Love Your Neighbor as Yourself"
Mark 12:28-34
Victoria Isaacs  20:12  
 Aug 4th "Open The Eyes of My Heart, Lord"
Ephesians 1:15-19
Victoria Isaacs  18:49  
 Jul 28th "Getting Fit For Mission"
Matt 28:16-20
Victoria Isaacs  19:23  
 Jul 21st "Getting Fit Politically"
Romans 13:1-7
Mike Cole  22:33  
 Jul 14th "Get Fit Financially"
Luke 16:1-15
A Guest Pastor  16:40  
 Jul 7th "Get Fit Sexually:
Invitation to Intimacy"
Eph 5:25-32
Victoria Isaacs  21:12  
 Jun 30th "Rerouting"
2 Kings 2:1-2, 6-14
Beth Lebsock  16:14  
 Jun 23rd "Get Fit Physically"
John 5:1-9
Victoria Isaacs  16:29  
 Jun 16th "Get Fit: Digitial Fitness"
Gal 5:16-26
Victoria Isaacs  23:03  
 Jun 9th "Get Fit Spiritually"
Acts 2:1-17&32-42
Victoria Isaacs  18:24  
 Jun 2nd "Get Fit"
I Cor 9:24-27
Victoria Isaacs  13:38  
 May 26th "Answering God's Call:
An Illustration in Two Acts"
John 6:1-8
Gateway Youth Fellowship  13:16  
 May 19th "Visions and Stories"
Acts 11:1-18
Beth Lebsock Audio Not Available
 May 12th "We All Know A Dorcas"
Acts 9:36-43
Victoria Isaacs  15:44  
 May 5th HOMILY:
"Kinsman Redeemers"
Matt 25:31-46
Robert Ward  10:22  
 Apr 28th "My Lord and My God"
John 20:19-31
Victoria Isaacs  16:18  
 Apr 21st "AMAZED!"
Luke 24:1-12
Victoria Isaacs  15:17  
 Apr 14th "Living in the Tension"
John 12:12-19
Victoria Isaacs  16:08  
 Apr 7th "Jesus, Lamb of God"
John 12:1-8
Victoria Isaacs  13:19  
 Mar 31st "Lost and Found or
Found and Lost"
Luke 15:1-3, 11-32
Mike Cole  20:52  
 Mar 24th "God of Second Chances"
Luke 13:1-9
Beth Lebsock  14:41  
 Mar 17th "A Fox, A Hen and
the Lord's Desire"
Luke 13:31-35
Victoria Isaacs  17:52  
 Mar 10th "The Man in Black"
Luke 4:1-13
Jim DeSmidt  16:53  
 Mar 3rd Service Cancelled
due to weather.
 Feb 24th "The Golden Rule"
Luke 6:27-38
Beth Lebsock  17:36  
 Feb 17th "Excursus: The Deep Places"
Jeremiah 17:5-10
Collin Downing  20:34  
 Feb 10th "Answering God's Call"
Luke 5:1-11
Beth Lebsock  16:40  
 Feb 3rd "A Surprise Ending to the Story"
Luke 4: 22-30
Collin Downing  16:57  
 Jan 27th "How Are We Called to Serve?"
Luke 4:14-221
Beth Lebsock  14:30  
 Jan 20th "Jesus: Party Animal!"
John 2:1-11
Collin Downing  18:48  
 Jan 13th "Beloved"
Luke 3:15-17, 21-22
Beth Lebsock  14:51  
 Jan 6th "Big Kings, Little Kings,
Kings, Kings, Kings!"
Psalm 72:1-14
Collin Downing  21:36