Past Gateway Sermons 2018: 

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Date Title & Passage Speaker Length
 Dec 30th "William's Sermon"
II Kings 4:11, 18-37
Bob Leivers  18:42  
 Christmas Eve "The Praise"
Luke 2:8-20
Bob Leivers  14:50  
 Dec 23rd "The Pilgrimage"
Luke 2:1-7
Bob Leivers  18:45  
 Dec 16th "Old Fashion
Christmas Pageant"
Gateway Congreation  19:11  
 Dec 9th "The Prophecy"
Luke 1:26-38
Bob Leivers  18:36  
 Dec 2nd "The Promise"
Gen 3:14,15
Bob Leivers  13:18  
 Nov 25th "When Good New is Bad"
Luke 4:16-30
Collin Downing  19:55  
 Nov 18th Service Cancelled
due to weather.
 Nov 11th Service Cancelled
due to weather.
 Nov 4th "God's Whisper: People"
I Kings 19:9-18
Bob Leivers  15:15  
 Oct 28th "God's Whisper: Desires"
Matt 6:25-34
Bob Leivers  19:44  
 Oct 21st "God's Whisper: Strange Ways"
Num 22:21-35
Bob Leivers  21:55  
 Oct 14th "God's Whisper"
I Kings 19:9-18
Bob Leivers  21:38  
 Oct 7th "In the Midst of a Storm"
Mark 4:35-41
Dave Markwalder  23:40  
 Sep 30th "Living Through Life: Trust"
Psalm 9:10
Bob Leivers  17:51  
 Sep 23rd "Letting Go of the Stones We Carry"
Isaiah 58:1-12
Brian Bivin  22:03  
 Sep 16th "Stories of Life Together"
(Remembering Rev. Dave Clark) Hebrews 12:1,2
Jan Clark  17:21  
 Sep 9th "Living Through Life: Mercy"
Micah 6:8
Bob Leivers  22:48  
 Sep 2nd "Living Through Life: Work"
I Thess 4:11-12
Bob Leivers  16:30  
 Aug 26th "Eat Me!"
John 6:53-69
Collin Downing  18:17  
 Aug 19th "Living Through Life: Relationships"
Colossians 3:13
Bob Leivers  21:33  
 Aug 12th "Living Through Life: Pride"
Luke 18:14
Bob Leivers  18:13  
 Aug 5th "The Story of the Mountain"
Ps 121 & Acts 8:26-35
Matthew Paul  17:24  
 Jul 29th "Living Through Life: Integrity"
Proverbs 11:3
Bob Leivers  16:03  
 Jul 22nd "Living Through Life: Friendship"
Ecclesiastes 4:9-10
Bob Leivers  15:40  
 Jul 15th "Living Through Life: Strength"
Isaiah 41:10
Bob Leivers  18:32  
 Jul 8th "Living Through Life: Finances"
Proverbs 11:28
Bob Leivers  18:51  
 Jul 1st "Living Through Life:
Servant Hood"
Joshua 22:5
Bob Leivers  16:46  
 Jun 24th "We Need More Weeds"
Is 40:3-5 & Mk 4:1-9, 26-32
Doug Counsell  23:57  
 Jun 17th "Living Through Life: Role Models"
Proverbs 7:1-3
Bob Leivers  16:35  
 Jun 10th "Living Through Life: Ego"
Philippians 2:4-5
Brian Bivin  11:07  
 Jun 3rd "Living Through Life: Holiness"
Deuteronomy 10:12
Bob Leivers  16:59  
 May 27th "Living Through Life: Courage"
Psalm 27:1
Bob Leivers  22:58  
 May 20th "And You Think We Have Wind?"
Joel 2:28-32
Bob Leivers  22:52  
 May 13th "Living Through Life: Challenges"
Proverbs 3:1-2
Bob Leivers  19:21  
 May 6th "Living Through Life: Anxiety"
Psalm 55:22
Beth Lebsock  14:43  
 Apr 29th "A Mid-Course Correction"
John 2:13-23
Ben Keller  24:25  
 Apr 22nd "Living Through Life: Addictions"
Titus 2:3
Bob Leivers  23:04  
 Apr 15th "You Are Witnesses"
Luke 24:36b-48
Victoria Isaacs  18:24  
 Apr 8th "Living Through Life: Anger"
James 1:19, 20
Bob Leivers  20:45  
 Apr 1st "Jesus Was Right"
Matthew 28:1-15
Bob Leivers  19:32  
 Mar 25th "Anointed for the Ride"
John 12:1-19
Bob Leivers  16:45  
 Mar 18th Conversation Around the Table
"Jesus Prays"
John 17:1-26
Bob Leivers  17:56  
Mar 11th Conversation Around the Table
"More About the Advocate"
John 15:15-26 & 16:15
Bob Leivers Audio Not Available
 Mar 4th Conversation Around the Table
"Vine and Branches"
John 15:1-17
Bob Leivers  17:47  
 Feb 25th Conversation Around the Table
"We Are Not Orphans"
John 14:15-31
Brian Bivin  16.54  
 Feb 18th Conversation Around the Table
"You Will Be Blessed"
John 13:1-17
Bob Leivers  23:28  
 Feb 11th "How Long Shall
I Put Up With You?"
Luke 3:1-23
Bob Leivers  19:28  
 Feb 4th "John Lays the Foundation"
Luke 3:1-23
Bob Leivers  22:43  
 Jan 28th "The Only Story We Have..."
Luke 2:41-52
Bob Leivers  17:15  
 Jan 21st "Silence and Storm"
Psalm 62
Collin Downing  20:17  
 Jan 14th "The Safe Return"
Matthew 2:19-23
Bob Leivers  20:46  
 Jan 7th "Acts of Devotion and Political Reaction"
Matthew 2:1-18
Bob Leivers  18:55