Communion, also known as "The Lord's Supper," is offered on the first Sunday of each month during worship service, as well as on special occasions such as Maundy Thursday.  This element of Christian worship is open to all believers, regardless of church affiliation.


     Most Sunday's, trays of bread are passed through the pews.  The bread is held until everyone is served, then eaten together.  The juice is then passed through the pews, and may be taken as each person is ready through prayer and confession. 

    Once a quarter, it is served by intinction, where congregants are invited to come forward, take a piece of bread, then dip the bread into a chalice of juice.  After which, they return to their seat.


     Our homebound members also receive communion, which will be brought to them by elders &/or deacons monthly following the serving of communion in worship.