Member Care

Gateway has a small membership which is on a steady growth cycle.  Because of this size it is easy to become acquainted quickly in the congregation.  Visitors who live in Colorado Springs are offered opportunities to join the church through two "Inquirer's classes" during the year.  People are given plenty of time to become knowledgeable about the practices of the church and even become involved in the activities before making a commitment to join.


There is a sense of community with the members that offers help when needed and concern of problems that are voiced.  The Pastor contacts people who are missing on Sunday and coordinates contact for those who are hospitalized or in need of a visit. Gateway has a Shepherd's program that stays in touch with members and friends and contacts them with prayer concerns.  The Deacons follow up on the recovery of those with medical and other concerns.  The homebound are visited regularly and may receive CDs of the sermon, if desired.  We are a Christian family that strives to lead Christian lives with care and love for one another.