History Of Gateway Church

      The idea for a Presbyterian church on the Westside of Colorado Springs was born in 1891 when land was purchased at 15th and W. Pikes Peak Ave.  That became the location of Westminster Presbyterian Church from 1929 until the 1950s, when the Rev. Standley Scott was pastor.  The recent history of Westminster had been difficult and Rev. Scott had accepted a call to go to the College of Emporia, so it was decided that it would be a good time to move the church.  Under Presbytery regulations, Westminster could not qualify for church extension funds, but money was available for new churches.  So, to obtain funding for a new building at a new site, the session of Westminster and the Presbytery of Pueblo, dissolved Westminster Presbyterian Church in January 1957.

     After the dissolution, the members of Westminster met informally for Worship and Sunday school at the Shrine Club on Pikes Peak.  In early 1957, the Presbytery of Pueblo selected the Rev. Louis F. Meek of First Presbyterian in Alamosa as pastor.  Rev Meek and his family moved to Colorado Springs in May 1957.  Believing that growth in Colorado Springs would be on the Westside, the Westminster property was sold for $20,000 and the money was used to purchase the property between Castle Road and Fontanero.

     Ground was broken for the manse at 723 Castle Road on July 28, 1956.  The manse was known as "Gateway House." and was used for Worship and Sunday school, as well as a home for the pastor.  On Sunday January 26, 1958, the 102 member congregation was formally chartered as Gateway United Presbyterian Church by the Presbytery of Pueblo.  "United" was later dropped from the name.  Ground was broken on August 2, 1959 for the building of Gateway Church.  The cornerstone of the building was laid on March 27, 1960 and the dedication services were held on Palm Sunday (April 10, 1960).  The name Gateway was suggested by the 12-year-old daughter of  the Jackson family because of its proximity to the "gateway" of the Garden of the Gods.

     Gateway has been led by several pastors with the Rev. David Clark serving the longest (1970-1987) and receiving the title of Pastor Emeritus.  Then the congregation was served by Rev. James E. Petersen (1988-1991).  The addition of the office, nursery, library, and narthex was completed in 1995 during the service of the Rev. Doug Counsell (1991-1999).  Following his retirement, the church was led by the Rev. George Holland (2000), the Rev. Matthew Paul (2001-2007), the Rev. Victoria Isaacs (2007-2008), the Rev. David Markwalder (2008-2015), and the Rev. Robert "Bob" Leivers (2015-2018).  Gateway's current pastor is the Rev. Victoria Isaacs who began serving the church in April of 2019.

     Gateway celebrated her 50th anniversary with a joyous two-day event in September, 2008.  As the years have passed, Colorado Springs has grown from 65,000 in 1958 to over 600,000 people today.  We rejoice that our mortgage has been paid, our growth has been significant and still continues.  Gateway Church remains strategically located to serve the cause of Christ in the 21st century.  The faces have changed, members come and go, but our mission is the same:  to spread the Good News of Jesus Christ and to minister to members and friends in the surrounding community.  With God's grace and the continued dedication and work of the members of Gateway Church, we will press on toward the goal.